Dr. Xinyuan Dai

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Dr. Xinyuan Dai

Associate Professor of Political Science
CEAPS Advisory Committee, Affiliated Faculty of Center for East Asian and Pacific Studies
Center for Global Studies
European Union Center
POLITICAL SCIENCE; Affiliafed Faculty of Latin American and Caribbean Studies

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Specializations / Research Interest(s)

  • International institutions
  • International Relations Theory
  • International cooperation
  • International law and compliance
  • Formal Theory


  • PhD The University of Chicago, 2000

Distinctions / Awards

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  • Special Research Award, Alexander von Humboldt Foundation


  • MacArthur Foundation / Social Science Research Council
  • United States Institute of Peace
  • University of Illinois Research Board Award



  • Dai, Xinyuan. International Institutions and National Policies. New York: Cambridge University Press, 2007.

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Book Contributions

  • Dai, Xinyuan. "Orchestrating Monitoring: The Optimal Adaptation of International Organizations." International Organizations as Orchestrators. Ed. Kenneth W. Abbott, Philipp Genschel, Duncan Snidal, and Bernhard Zangl. Cambridge University Press, 2014. 139-165.
  • Dai, Xinyuan. "The Compliance Gap and the Efficacy of International Human Rights Institutions." The Persistent Power of Human Rights: From Commitment to Compliance. Ed. Thomas Risse, Stephen C. Ropp, and Kathryn Sikkink. Cambridge University Press, 2013.
  • Dai, Xinyuan, and Gina Martinez. "How Do International Institutions Influence the EU? Advances and Challenges." The Influence of International Institutions on the European Union. Ed. Knud E. Jørgensen and Oriol Costa. Palgrave Macmillan Press, 2012. 207-227.

Journal Articles

  • Dai, Xinyuan. "Who Defines the Rules of the Game in East Asia? The Trans-Pacific Partnership and the Strategic Use of International Institutions." International Relations of the Asia Pacific (2014):
  • Dai, Xinyuan. "The Conditional Effects of International Human Rights Institutions." Human Rights Quarterly 36.3 (2014): 569-589.
  • Dai, Xinyuan. "Global Regime and National Change." Climate Policy 10.6 (2010): 622-637.
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