Damarys Canache

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Damarys Canache

Professor of Political Science
POLITICAL SCIENCE; Affiliated Faculty of Latin American and Caribbean Studies
Affiliated Faculty of Center for Global Studies
Center for African Studies

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Specializations / Research Interest(s)

  • Public Opinion and Behavior
  • Latin American Politics


  • Ph.D., Political Science, University of Pittsburgh.
  • M.A., Political Science, University of Pittsburgh
  • B.A., Sociology, Universidad Catolica AndrĂ©s Bello, Caracas, Venezuela.



  • Canache, Damarys. Venezuela: Public Opinion and Protest in a Fragile Democracy.. Coral Glabes: North-South Center Press at the University of Miami. , 2002.
  • Reinventing Legitimacy: Democracy and Political Change in Venezuela. Ed. Canache Damarys and Michael R. Kulisheck. Westport: Greenwood Press, 1998.

Book Contributions

  • Mondak, Jeffery J., Matthew Hayes, and Damarys Canache. "Biological and Psychological Influences on Political Trust." Handbook on Political Trust. Ed. van der Meer Tom and Sonja Zmerli. Northamptom: Edward Elgar, 2017. 143-160.

Journal Articles

  • Bloeser, Andrew, Damarys Canache, Dona-Gene Mitchell, Jeffery J. Mondak, and Emily Poore. "The Temporal Consistency of Personality Effects: Evidence from the British Household Panel Survey." Political Psychology 36 (2015): 331-340.
  • Mondak, Jeffery J., Matthew Hayes, and Mitchell A. Seligson. "Determinants of Perceived Skin-Color Discrimination in Latin America." Journal of Politics (2014):
  • Canache, Damarys, and Jeffery J. Mondak. "Personality and Political Culture in the American States." Political Research Quarterly 67 (2014): 26-41.
  • Canache, Damarys, Matthew Hayes, Jefferey J. Mondak, and Sergio C. Wals. "Openness, Extraversion and the Intention to Emigrate." Journal of Research in Personality 47 (2013):
  • Canache, Damarys. "Citizens’ Conceptualizations of Democracy: Structural Complexity, Substantive Content and Political Significance." Comparative Political Studies 45 (2012): 1132-1148.
  • Canache, Damarys. "The Meanings of Democracy in Venezuela: Citizen Perceptions and Structural Change." Latin American Politics and Society 54 (2012): 95-122.
  • Mondak, Jeffery J., Damarys Canache, Mitchell A. Seligson, and Matthew V. Hibbing. "The Participatory Personality: Evidence from Latin America." Bristish Journal of Political Science 41 (2011): 211-21.
  • Jeffery, Mondak J., Damarys Canache, Mitchell A. Seligson, Matthew V. Hibbing, and Mary R. Anderson. "Personality and Civic Engagement: An Integrative Framework for the Study of Trait Effects on Political Behavior." American Political Science Review 104 (2010): 85-110.