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Wed, 10 Dec 2014

U.S. House Rules about Much More than Housekeeping

When the U.S. House of Representatives convenes in January, adopting rules of procedure will be among the first orders of business. Pretty mundane stuff, it would seem. Pay attention, though, says the author of a new book that analyzes over a century of House rule-making. Those rules will have a huge impact on what follows. Read Craig Chamberlain's interview with Professor Gisela Sin on the University of Illinois's News Bureau's website.

Mon, 17 Nov 2014

The Great War: Two courses make conflict meaningful through study abroad and campus expertise

A course taught by political science professor John Vasquez this summer in Vienna is one of two UIUC courses on WWI featured in a recent University of Illinois News Bureau story by Craig Chamberlain. You can read the full story on the Bureau's website here.

Thu, 06 Nov 2014

A Veterans Day Look at Wartime Coverage of Casualties: A Minute with Media Expert Scott Althaus

On Veterans Day Nov. 11, we honor veterans and their past service. But how much did we really know about their sacrifice when it was being made? When the casualties were coming on the battlefield? A study of war coverage over the last century shows we knew very little, says Scott Althaus, a University of Illinois professor of political science and of communication, and director of the university’s Cline Center for Democracy, whose research examines the dynamics of popular support for war. Althaus spoke with the University of Illinois's News Bureau social sciences editor Craig Chamberlain. Read their conversation on the News Bureau's site here.

Mon, 29 Sep 2014

Miller Prize 2014 followup: A Q&A with Jake Bowers

Political science professor Jake Bowers, along with PS PhD candidate Mark M. Fredrickson and recent PhD grad Costas Panagopoulos, won the prestigious Miller Prize, awarded by the Society for Political Methodology, earlier this year for their paper published in Political Analysis, “Reasoning about Interference Between Units: A General Framework.” (You can find the paper online until next summer here.) Bowers sat down recently with the editor of Political Analysis, R. Michael Alvarez, for a question-and-answer session; you can find a record of their conversation on the Oxford University Press's weblog.

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